Contact Center Anywhere


SimplyCloud - The New Holistic All-in-One Platform

Control queues, manage agents, and generate reports with a unified management solution that’s perfect for contact centers with numerous locations, distributed workforce, or both.


$59.95 Agent

$49.95 Supervisor

No minimum users

M - M or term available

SimplyCloud Plus

$89.95 Agent

$49.95 Supervisor

Minimum 25 users

M - M or term available

SimplyCloud Enterprise

$119.95 Agent

$49.95 Supervisor

Minimum 25 users

M - M or term available

What Customers are saying:

"After switching to TeleSpeak’s Contact Center Anywhere, our productivity has increased, and our handle time has decreased. This platform is all inclusive and extremely functional , yet very easy to use."

- Debbie W.

"Contact Center AnyWhere’s visual overview is a cutting edge display that has allowed our manager to monitor, support and coach our agents from any location, 24/7."

- William C.

"After we migrated to Contact Center AnyWhere, we wondered why other software developers have not made their solutions easier to use."

- Margret M.

Why SimplyCloud?

Cost Savings and Efficiency

•    Lower the cost of ownership

With SimplyCloud all you need is internet, PC/MAC and a headset

•    Eliminate the cost for ongoing support and maintenance

With SimplyCloud ongoing support and maintenance is included

•    Improved Supervisor experience and efficiency

SimplyCloud uses drag and drop admin functions and real time on-screen management tools

•    Improved Agent experience and efficiency

Simplicity with SimplyCloud provides an easy and efficient agent experience

Reliability and Security

•    Redundant Servers and Data Centers

Your service is backed up within and between multiple data centers providing one of the highest up-time in our industry

•    Media and Signal Encryption

Your contacts are protected and secure. Our service is also PCI, HIPPA and financial compliance ready

Flexibility and Scalability

•    Grow easily and avoid obsolescence

Let us bear the burden and cost of keeping your business at the forefront of technology and applications, while proving a seamless path to growth.

•    Design your User Screens and Admin Levels

Tired of trying to fit your needs into 4 or 5 privilege levels? SimplyCloud gives you virtually limitless options through a dynamic user defined designer

•    Remote admin and remote users

Traveling or need to maximize work space. Work AnyWhere and manage efficiently.  All you need is access to the internet!

•    Supports SIP, PSTN, MPLS, VPN

Your network or ours, we can get you connected

Office View

•    A graphical virtual presence

Enhance SimplyCloud with a virtual collaboration tool that brings the office to you

•    Allows you to see and hear center activity

OfficeView is always on and allows you to readily see center activity, view agent screens and hold meetings virtually

A Lighter and Faster Solution

Your legacy contact center infrastructure is like an old station wagon. It’s carried your department for hundreds of thousands of miles. It’s been dependable and durable.


But now maintenance costs and security upgrades are starting to eat into your budget and the schedules of your IT workers. Your equipment isn’t as fast as it once was either. And it’s just not capable of producing the same strong results as the flashy new cloud-based models out on the road.


Now may be the time to consider embracing the power of a pure or hybrid cloud-based contact center solution.


By shedding the bulk of your legacy network in favor of the cloud, you’ll gain access to a more dynamic and flexible computing environment. Your customer data will be stored on first-class servers by a team of dedicated professionals, too. And you’ll gain access to full-time support staff who can advise you whenever questions arise about your software.


Ultimately, your whole department will benefit from migrating to the cloud. Everyone from the C-suite to your agents will gain access to real-time and historical reports that they can use to improve customer experiences. And you’ll also gain access to cutting-edge software that can be deployed to streamline customer interactions like automatic call distribution (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR). Cloud dialers and live agent chat are additional features that your contact center can access with a robust cloud platform.

Omni-Channel Enabled

Not all call center solutions today support multi-channel customer engagement. They support many channels: voice, email, chat; but they typically cannot support multiple channels simultaneously within a single interaction “multifunctional”, they cannot link interactions in a step-by-step workflow “stage-management”, and cannot manage the interaction, and provide a personalized and context appropriate experience for each and every customer.


For a customer to complete a single task—buy a product, resolve a question, understand a bill, it often requires multiple and disconnected interactions with a company. When a customer needs assisted service to supplement, they typically must start over. In the case of voice, it’s calling a contact center, using an IVR / ACD and explaining their issue. In the case of chat, it’s starting a dialog with an agent without context. These time-consuming and disconnected experiences are one of the leading causes of missed sales opportunities and high operating expense for companies and frustration for consumers.


Contact Center AnyWhere provides the best all inclusive customer experience available today!

Designed for Today's Contact Centers

Increase productivity, enhance customer service, and empower agents while lowering costs with a unified management solution that is specifically designed for today’s contact centers.

All-in-One Efficiancy

•    Integrated Telecom: No additional systems or hardware required

SimplyCloud provides everything you need all in one service.

•    Integrated Auto-Dialer and Broadcast

SimplyCloud includes an integrated system for automated dialing or omni-channel broadcast system of text, calls or emails

•    Omni Channel ACD: Voice/Chat/Text/Email

You provide multiple channels for your customers to reach you and we deliver the contact to you the same efficient way a phone call is delivered.

See support happening

Customizable 3D contact centers and avatars with real time status-indicators such as on-call, requesting help, and idle provide superior workforce context.

Focused on agents

Live Wall Boards keep everyone informed and on-task by displaying relevant information like calls in queue, average time per call, and overall performance rating.

Built for managers

Maintain presence and control whether you're at the desk or on the floor with a streamlined experience for computers and tablets.

HD communication

Enjoy quality communication between agents, managers, and customers with chat, high quality voice, and crystal clear VoIP calls.

Call recording

Our intuitive filtering system makes it easy to find specific recordings by agent, date, or phone number so you can quickly and efficiently resolve issues.


Get a powerful, browser-based application for workforce management, enhanced communication, and large-scale virtual presence built on WebRTC.

CRM Intergration

Simple intuitive intergration with Salesforce, Sugar, Dynamics and other popular CRM solutions.

Manage remotely

Manage, coach, train and configure remotely from our Virtual Office View interface. Allow this interface to work for you no matter where you are. It's just like being there! Office View is exclusive to Contact Center Anywhere, which delivers a step up in visual management.

Future proof and secure

No installing, updating, and managing software; with WebRTC all you need is an internet connection and a web browser. Industry-standard security features ensure that you keep confidential information in the right hands by creating custom security settings and permissions. Agents and groups will only see the information you want, when you want them to.

Keep agents informed

Supervise agent activity, monitor in-progress calls, and escalate issues instantly to provide superior customer support. Capitalize on agents’ strengths by splitting them into goal-specific workgroups that feature manager-customized screens to keep them well informed and on track. Peak business hours are a breeze with features and services optimized for high call traffic.

Quality assurance

Optimize your center’s performance and streamline data analysis with features such as automated reports, PDF or XLS exporting, and document archiving. Customizable reports provide detailed metrics to help you better understand your agents, workgroups, and overall contact center operations. Display relevant information on live Wall Boards allowing agents to coordinate their efforts in completing tasks, scheduling breaks, and resolving issues.

Respond faster

Managers can actively monitor and assist agents from a single platform, meaning improved response time and streamlined customer service.

Best and brightest

Prioritize the quality of employees over their location. Agents can work from anywhere with just a computer, reliable internet connection, and a headset.

Better management

Promote independence among agents by sharing detailed metrics in real time. Empower them to coordinate coverage based on call volume and availability.

Made to be mobile

Leave the contact center behind with a streamlined management experience for computers and tablets that maintains presence and command.