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Enjoy peace of mind knowing that whenever your customers encounter issues, they’ll reach friendly and knowledgeable agents based entirely in the United States.

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Customer testimonial for Support Services from TeleSpeak

Partnering with TeleSpeak has been a game-changer for us. Our needs didn't fit most providers which prevented us from delivering clients with the best possible service. TeleSpeak really listened to our needs, throughly analyized our business, and now provides us with personalized service that grows as we do. In short, our employees have never been happier, our customers have never been as satisfied, and our revenue have never been better.

Sunny Lu, Chief Operations Officer at Telamon Telemedicine

The features of Support Services from TeleSpeak

Internationally known

Although our agents are completely based in the US, we provide support tailored to meet the growing needs of both domestic and international clientele.

Campaign creation

We conduct market research and business analysis, devise solutions and strategies, build scripts and train agents, and deploy successful campaigns.

Modern support

Agents are available to provide your customers with quality service and issue resolution by SMS, instant messaging, social media, email, and phone.

Educated workforce

We partner with local colleges and The Department of Veteran Affairs to staff campaigns with hardworking students and national heroes.

Proven training

Agents are expertly trained and provided guidance and coaching to guarantee service quality that consistently exceeds expectations.

Quality assurance

Representatives are frequently assessed to ensure that they remain customer-focused and continue to provide exceptional service and support.

Feature highlights of Support Services from TeleSpeak

US-based agents and support

We offer friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable assistance when your clients need it most. Our customer service and technical support agents are entirely US based and available 24-hours a day to ensure your clients get the answers they need, immediately. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and do so by providing agents that are expertly trained, coached, supervised, and evaluated to ensure the highest quality service.

Beyond phone calls

Modern support means offering more than just call agents. Extend the reach of your support to SMS, live chat, email, and social media. Demonstrating that your company is willing and eager to resolve issues will improve your company’s accessibility and protect your brand’s image.

Dependable 24-hour service

No issue goes unresolved and no opportunity is lost when you offer 24-hour support. Expand your territory and gain your customers’ confidence by providing them a whole new level of convenience. Friendly operators manage phones and eliminate the frustration of automated systems. Strengthen relationships, improve sales, and increase retention by offering convenient, high-quality support for your products and services.

The benefits of using Support Services from TeleSpeak

Complete solution

Market research, business analysis, and top-notch technical support and customer service training ensure your next campaign launches successfully.

Best and brightest

We partner with local colleges and The Department of Veteran Affairs to provide unmatched service quality by staffing educated and experienced agents.

Intelligent agents

Dashboards empower our agents to independently manage themselves; coordinating coverage based call volume and availability.

Global support

Exceptional, 24-hour support that's staffed entirely within the US to meet the growing needs of both domestic and international clientele.

Get started now

Onshore agents based in the US provide an unmatched quality of service that adds value, expediates service, and gives your customers the support they want, 24 hours a day.

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