Office AnyWhere

Office AnyWhere is a permanent (24×7) online collaboration / communication service and work environment designed to unify and engage Distributed/Remote teams!

Classroom AnyWhere

Classroom AnyWhere Creates engaging classroom multimedia experiences with narrations, animations, interactivity, and simulations to e-Learning courses.

Contact Center AnyWhere

Contact Center AnyWhere delivers an extremely powerful and compelling next generation IP enabled contact center platform at considerable cost savings.

PBX AnyWhere

Our hosted PBX service delivers business applications over the telecom network, intranet and Internet, enabling your business to inter-connect your remote offices! These Services enable your business to consolidate and outsource much of your IT needs for a predictable recurring fee.

Healthcare AnyWhere

The next generation tele-medicine technologies that allows you to visit your doctor / clinician in the comfort of you own home or office.

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Created With Your Business In Mind

The Problem with most Distributed/Remote Teams is that they are not fully connected, engaged, unified or productive. The Solution is TeleSpeak’s AnyWhere Platform, a permanent (24×7) online communications service and work environment!  With AnyWhere products you are fully connected with remote employees and fully equipped to handle any task you could in your real office. From your desktop you can link with your members and share work, you can have meetings and place conference calls from your virtual office in TeleSpeaks Office AnyWhere.


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Assemble the best people for your Project

Office AnyWhere gives you the power to reach out for only the best people to work on your project regardless of location. Having members collaborating from around the world from most common mobile devices or platforms. Your team will never be limited by distance or timing ever again. Make reaching out for approvals or scheduling meetings as easy and fast as they possibly can be.

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"My team has been GoToMeeting users for years. We are now down to one remaining GoToMeeting license and have opted for the Office Anywhere platform. We have found that Office AnyWhere is a more intuitive and holistic solution."

− Sunny Lu, Telamon

"TeleSpeak has done a phenomenal job delivering a complete communication and collaboration platform that is not only helped our company but our customers too."

− Tim K, Business Communications

"The TeleSpeak AnyWhere Platforms are truly the next generation of collaboration and communication services our business has benefited tremendously with the deployment of these services."

− Marsha, FocusOne

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